After having my cockapoo puppy Millie for 1 year, I thought now would be a good time to share my advice to new dog owners. From pet insurance to research, I share the top things I think every new owner should know.

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Dog YouTube channels I recommend:
Zak George: https://www.youtube.com/c/zakgeorge
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Easy Peasy Puppy Book: https://amzn.to/38MupeQ

Millie a Cockapoo Contact Details:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/millieacockapoo/
Email: millieacockapoo@gmail.com

My Amazon Storefront: www.amazon.co.uk/shop/millieacockapoo

Information on Millie:
Millie is an F1 miniature cockapoo, born on the 27th of June 2020. In this video she is 1 year old. She weighs 7.5kg, therefore on the smaller side of the cockapoo breed. Millie is hypoallergenic, and does not malt.

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View Orginal Video here.

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