Puppy School – Dog Training, obedience and tricks

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Puppy School – Dog Training, obedience and tricks – learn Pet Care & Training
Best Pet Care & Training Course
Train your dog at your convenience, with video and examples.
Training a dog or puppy to master commands.,Build a foundation knowledge of how to train their dog.,All the simple commands that we would expect most dogs to know
no prerequisites,Puppy school is all about teaching the owner how to train their own dog. Rather than paying a dog trainer to come to you. You can learn at your own pace, and get your dogs doing all the fundamentals moves that you would need.,You will be able to teach your dog commands as simple as sit, look at me, and proceed all the way up to toilet training. Some important behavioural lessons are also included, including Socialisation, and how to stop your dog being protective over their food and belongings.,This course shows tactics that are all non violent. We believe in training your dog through rewards, rather than through punishment. We find it has better results with the dogs, and the owners are more comfortable to reward their dogs than to punish them.,The puppy school, is the first of many future courses that we will be running. Once the foundations are set, the sky is the limit with your dog training. You could focus on agility, or sniffer dog training, or a myriad of other avenues, depending on what you enjoy.,We look forward to see you join us, and seeing you gain the information to make you a better dog trainer.,Dog owners the world over.Dog walkersDog groomersDog trainers,Dog owners the world over.,Dog walkers,Dog groomers,Dog trainers

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