Pet Travel Tips and Guidelines Deciding to take your cat or dog along on your family trip can be a fun adventure, but offers some challenges you should prepare for. You want your pet to be as safe while you travel and while they are in the car. With a little planning before your vacation you can make sure your animal is both ready for the trip and will be well cared for when you arrive.

Pets Plus Us and our online community can help you navigate these waters, whether your family is traveling by car, plane, train, or even to another country or overseas. This video gives you some basics, which can be as simple as packing favorite toys and food. If your pet is currently on any medication, you’ll want to make sure that both during travel and your stay that you can administer the proper dosage at the correct time. Also remember that cats and dogs will react differently to different changes of location.

Always make sure your pet is properly secured when in your car. While a crate or carrier may seem uncomfortable for long rides, remember that you’re doing this for your pet’s safety in the event of a crash or even just an unintended slam on the breaks.

If you’re traveling by plane, be sure to familiarize yourself on the guidelines set by the airline, including weight restrictions. If you’re going on vacation to another country, or even moving to a new country, be sure to call the consulate and ask about any guidelines such as vaccinations and paperwork.

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