5 Easy to Make DIY Dog Stuff and Gift Ideas

Slime Sam and his human friend Sue have a dog named Cookie. Lately, she’s been very naughty, she keeps taking their things and sometimes ruins them. And she won’t sit still while Sue’s taking photos. What to do? Slime Sam is sure that Cookie only behaves this way because she doesn’t have things of her own. So, Sue takes a few old things lying around and gets to work.

Here are the five cool dog DIYs she makes for Cookie:

2:12 A cozy dog bed out of an old sweater

4:30 A stylish little dog sweater out of an old woolen hat

6:33 An attention holder for your phone to make perfect photos

8:54 Yummy homemade doggy treats

11:17 A dog toy out old T-shirts

Do you think Cookie likes them? See for yourself!

This isn’t the first time we make a video with Cookie. Watch these if you haven’t seen them:

A Viking Helmet https://youtu.be/sZ7a1AmMhJo

Dog Food Dispenser https://youtu.be/0r8Z4nhactM

This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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No animals were harmed in the making of this video.

Our cutie pets are kept in favorable living conditions. Each of them has its own home, tasty food and medical care. And every day we are trying to give them a lot of warmth and care from us.

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