How is it possible to use Positive Reinforcement to train

This video goes over the concept of how it is possible to train come when called using Positive Reinforcement. The key is proactive training and behavior modification where you set up training sessions so the dog can succeed step by step as criteria is raised. I talk about how it’s not so much about proofing a recall with things that make your dog excited as much as taking the time to teach your dog to be calm confident and have self-control around the things that make him excited. When you achieve that you can imagine that a recall is really easy for a dog to do in that situation. I use the example of wildlife in this video but the same holds true for anything that excites your dog. I then talk about how beneficial it is to teach your dog the concept that access to the environment and what he wants to do most is contingent on listening to you so that your dog isn’t feeling punished when being recalled to you when what he was doing was more reinforcing than what you have on your person.

As you know I don’t usually show “before” footage of dogs because the best plan is to never let the behavior be rehearsed again so the dog will be less likely to do it in the future. But in this case it was a unexpected reaction to prey that by chance was captured on camera. This was the first and last time Tug was in this state because I managed the environment after finding out how excited he was about prey. This footage of Tug is from my Harnessing the Hunter Video on Demand. Tug was an easy fix just by chance because of his personality and genetics but in the video on demand I go over the process of training how to teach dogs bred for hunting or who have chased prey already to listen around prey.

Here are links to video tutorials I mentioned in the video as well as one on proofing a recall:


Calm settle:

Proofing a recall:

Teaching the dog the concept that access to what he wants is contingent on listening to you first:
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