Pet Barrier for Dogs and Cats

Replace your bulky pet gate with the low-profile PetSafe® Pawz Away® Threshold Barrier. It restricts pet access inside your home. Great for stairs and doorways.

If you’re tired of setting up, breaking down, stepping over or tripping across a clumsy pet gate, the PetSafe® Pawz Away® Threshold Pet Barrier is a low-profile solution that restricts pet access on stairs and through doorways. Just place the Threshold Barrier near the area your pet should avoid, and it will transmit a radio signal to your dog or cat’s collar, electronically blocking them from entering or leaving. When your pet approaches the barrier area, he will hear a series of beeps followed by a safe static correction. Your pet will quickly learn which areas are off-limits and avoid them. Add extra collars to keep multiple pets out of the same areas or add extra transmitters to keep pets out of several areas. Designed for pets over 5 pounds and under 40 inches tall. PetSafe® brand is here to help you and your pet live happy together®.


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