MYTH: e collars cause dogs to be fearful and shut

MYTH: e collars cause dogs to be fearful and shut down.

That could not be further from the truth. E collars are actually an extremely beneficial tool, which can really help dogs, particularly those of an anxious nature or fearful nature.

Below is a clip taken from the end of a second e collar session with Jupiter the Doberman.

We had to use 3 high level corrections, to break through to him. That’s 3x 1/16th of a second e collar communication, the rest of the time he was on extremely low levels varying from 8-12.

The corrections were to interrupt Jupes state of mind, from anxious to more relaxed. As soon as jupe is given any freedom, he is like a lunatic, he goes from point A to B to C so fast you can actually see the anxiety overwhelming him.

We used the e collar to work on a more following state of mind (video coming soon) and instantly he started to calm down and behave more like a relaxed dog. He would give more attention, he would follow basic commands.

Jupe understands the e collars, so even the 3 high level corrections, didn’t freak him out, he understood it and new what to do.

Now people say e collars are bad, but if a dog is afraid, it will often avoid that person or thing or in jupes case, react to that person or thing. But he was actually the most attentive and affectionate I’ve ever seen him, with me, after this session. That’s because we helped his state of mind, from anxious to calm and that is what Jupe understood.

That was helped because of the aid of remote technologies.

Anyone who thinks e collars are bad, go talk to Jupe