iSPECLE Electronic Dog Training Collar Review

Electronic training collars are one of the most controversial dog training products, but if you know how to use one correctly they can be a very effective training aid. Today, I’m only reviewing the iSPECLE Dog Training Collar, not sharing my opinion on whether or not I believe using an electronic collar is an appropriate way to train your dog. That decision is completely up to you! Read the full review here:

Cheap dog training collars are made with poor quality materials and the electrical system may be subpar. With that being said, the iSPECLE dog training collar is more expensive than some similar products. Thankfully, it also offers a nice variety of features and works consistently.

“The vibration and shock modes have 99 adjustable levels. This is a big benefit over electronic collar systems that only offer 8-12 correction levels. More levels means a smaller increase in the strength of the correction from one level to the next. A more gradual increase allows you to find just the right level that your dog will respond to without causing him pain.”