IPets PET617 Electronic Dog Training Collar Introduction



IPets quickly introduces and familiarizes you with your new purchase, the PET617 dog training system.

How does the dog training system work?

IPets products are reliable, effective, and comfortable for large or small dogs. The system assists in controlling your dog without a leash in a range up to 650 yards away! Instantly send a signal from the Remote Transmitter, which activates your dog’s Collar Receiver. The dog will receive an annoying but safe, harmless stimulation. With correct, consistent use of this product, the dog will associate his misbehavior with your corrections, and soon enough, you will have a well-trained dog. This particular model features adjustable levels of stimulation, enabling the user to tweak accordingly to the dog’s temperament, removing the risk of over stimulation.


Rechargeable Remote Transmitter and Collar Receiver

Waterproof Remote Transmitter and Collar Receiver

LCD Display featuring a blue backlight for nighttime usage

100 intensity levels of Vibration

100 intensity levels of Static Shock

Easy to use, adjustable Intensity Dial

Simple, ergonomic design layout

Belt Clip

Quick and straightforward pairing process

Range of 650 Yards

Capable of simultaneous control of two dogs (extra receiver is purchasable)

Swap effortlessly between Continuous and Momentary stimulation

Adjustable TPU strap to accommodate any size of dog

Conserves power when not in use to extend battery life

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