This is the reality of modern low level remote collar training. All this was achieved using Science Based Operant Conditioning.

Every dog in this video including the extended version had some pretty serious issue were failed by other trainers. All of them were confined to a lead and the thought of them ever being off lead, happy, relaxed and enjoying life like a dog should, was unheard of to them.

Wether you like e collars or not, they have a place in dog training, but before you judge others, just ask yourself, what do you really know about e collars ? Not cheap barbaric Chinese models, but modern e collars, what do you really know ?

Don’t listen to Mary, peter or jo who just sit behind their laptops trolling, form an opinion based on knowledge, based on facts and based on what you can actually see, right in front of you.

Extended version of this video: https://youtu.be/8XOF9DJMmVM

To see how a human responds to a e collar on her neck and to see how we begin to teach the dog the language of the e collar, click the link below.


Couple of things to mention.

E collars are not banned in England or Scotland.

Cheap e collars (particularly from China) should be taken of the shelf. Even on level 1 it sucks.

When purchasing a e collar you want to spend money, don’t cheap out. Cheap e collars are cheap for a reason.

If you can feel level 1 on the e collar, it’s know good for dogs.

Don’t use e collars that have a static shock technology in them. You want one that uses technology similar to that of a tens machine.

NEVER try e collar training yourself without the guidance of a professional.

Before hiring a trainer to help you with a e collar, make sure you watch videos and see how they use it. As mentioned above, if the dog is flinching, in avoidance mode chances are they’re using it as a purely punishment based device and you need to keep searching.

DONT believe the lies some people tell you about e collars. Open your eyes and minds and try it on yourself and look at the dogs wearing them, before you pass judgment. If you don’t understand e collars or have no experience with them, don’t think harshly of someone for using them, ask questions and educate yourself on the subject.

Just because you’ve never needed one for your dog, does not mean that other dogs can’t benefit from them.