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How to condition a dog to the e collar (electric collar, remote trainer,) in so gentle a way that the dog isn’t aware it’s happening.

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When conditioning a dog to the e collar (electric collar, remote trainer)
starting each session properly is very important. An easy to follow way to condition your dog to the electric collar is shown in a DVD made in real time, real training time with a mixed breed [half Jack Russell Terrier] using Bill Hillmann’s “Soft Collar” method of conditioning a yr old dog to the e collar. This clip shows how to start each training session – getting your dog “excited.”
The Electric Collar is a tool that is used to send an electronic message to your dog. The idea of this video is to teach you how to get your dog to understand what the electronic signal means.
You can learn to train your dog with the “Soft Collar” method of E-Collar training for ANY breed of dog.
We used an untrained Jack Russell Terrier in this video to demonstrate you can TEACH your dog to RELIABLY obey with this DVD.
What Bill wants to accomplish in this DVD is to outline a way for you to get your dog to do what you want and not to do what you don’t want him to do. He wants to simplify it to the point where anyone can understand it. Bill’s goal is to give information to a person who owns a dog, and wants to have him be an intricate part of the family, without being a force that threatens everything else that the family wants to do.
Dogs have an incredible ability to learn – some dogs have been trained to learn and retain up to 64 commands. But on the other hand many dogs don’t ever know one command reliably.
Bill’s goal in this DVD is to give you a plan to teach your dog the 3 most important commands – commands that can develop skills that will make it possible to be in almost any situation with your dog and be in control. The three commands are: SIT – HERE – NO
To accomplish this we’re doing to learn to use the electric collar/remote trainer. The way that it is used in the video is what Bill calls his “soft collar” approach.
Dogs have been trained using many different methods, but what Bill will avoid is the politically correct but functionally useless program that he calls the Pet Shop Method. This is where people bribe their dogs with food to get them to learn commands. The fact is that they do learn what the commands are – they just don’t learn they MUST DO them. Using this approach you don’t have any recourse if the dog doesn’t comply, you just watch him do what you don’t want him to do and be mad at yourself because you didn’t have the right kind of food with you.
A dog must obey every command, and you must have a way to reinforce the command you give to your dog. Bill states that one shouldn’t get the wrong idea – food is a great tool – it is quick way to teach certain commands and it’s a great REWARD but there still has to be a mechanism to reinforce the command after it has been learned.
What Bill will show you is a procedure that will make it possible for a dog to be off leash and have behavior that is RELIABLE in almost all situations. Plus you will have a dog that will perform at long range, not just in the back yard, or at the end of a piece of rope. But this takes time and some effort. Follow closely and you will have a dog that you can be truly proud of.
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