Kids can make these sweet potato dog treats

Kids can make these sweet potato dog treats. They are easy and super fun to make we us great edible pens made by Wilson, great for personalizing your dog biscuit especially for doggie party’s.
Prep time : 15 minutes
Cook time : 35 to 45 minutes
Ready to eat in 1 hour makes 32 treats per batch With only 4 ingredients these tasty sweet potato dog treats are very budget friendly.
Preheat oven 350 degrees poke sweet potato with fork wrap in tin foil and bake for 1 hour approx. or microwave until tender about 6 minutes DO NOT WRAP SWEET POTATO IN TIN TOIL IF COOKING IN MICROWAVE USE MOIST PAPER TOWEL TO COVER SWEET POTATO. Let cool Take skin off sweet potato as best as you can, you can leave some skin its great nutrition for the dogs. Mash sweet potato in large bowl , Mix whole wheat flour, applesauce , and eggs until dough forms. place flour on surface and roll out dough with rolling pin cut out the shapes you desire for you dog treats with a cookie each individual dog treat on to cookie sheet and place in oven for 35 min for soft treats and 45 minutes for firm for 10 minutes then use decorating edible pens to decorate and serve.
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