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Foods that are HARMFUL to your DOGS

In Episode 6, we explored great healthy treats for your pups.. In this episode of “Dog Tips or Somethin’,” we let you know foods that can be extremely harmful to your dogs! ….. This is our YouTube channel where we try to provide as much valuable content and updates on our own personal life and…

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Essential Tips For Dog Owners

All you need to know about adopting a dog, how to tell if a dog breeder is trustworthy, how long you should be leaving your dog home alone, the facts about dogs adopted during lockdown and abandoned to dog shelters after. This video will also tell you how to properly introduce yourself to a new…

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Major happy to get treats, awesome dog

This is major, she is a cross breed dog from the animal shelter who was on the streets for 9 months. she was really scared of people, now she is playful and feels safe. she is really intelligent. border collie and German shepherd cross. We love Major and we get her the best treats and…

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Top 5 Tips For New Large Dog Owners

Check out MondazeWithCasey’s Video!: What To Watch Next: Cooper’s Instagram: @Cooperking1 Danielle’s Instagram: @Danieb2 BarkBox Discount code: COOPERKING CooperKing Beanie: View Orginal Video here.

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Pigeon Duiwe News TV- Pet O’ Treats

Giving you the best very for your pet We believe that taking good care of your pet starts with feeding them good pet food. This makes them not only happy, but strong and healthy. Keeping them healthy, makes them live a longer life. Keeping both you and your pet happy. With our Multi-World Winning Pigeon…

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Pet Care – Female Dog Heat Problem

Pet Care – Female Dog Heat Problem – Bhola Shola FACE TO FACE || LIVE CONFERENCE || EVERY SATURDAY || Find more at Download Our Android App: ====== Social Links ========== Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Google Plus: Pinterest: LinkedIn: Pet Care is a pet awareness initiative by…

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